Portfolio Services

Professional portfolio services.Portfolio services

First impressions matter, especially in the world of modelling.

As a professional model, your portfolio is more than your CV.

Most modelling agencies will require a professionally produced portfolio, filled with a variety of professionally shot images.

This will accompany you to every interview, casting, client meeting and agency you visit.

Your portfolio should show your flexibility as a model, your ability to show a range of emotions, portray different characters, personalities, age ranges and your competence in posing and creating engagement and interest with the viewer. Every portfolio is different, your should include images in the styles of photography you wish to pursue professionally.

How many images should you have in your portfolio ? 

Less is definitely more when it comes to your modelling portfolio. You should resist the urge to fill your portfolio with lots and lots of images in an attempt to prove your flexibility. Be brutal in your selection and only include the best of the best images.

Agencies will maybe spend 5 mins on your portfolio, if you’re lucky that is. The images included should all have the WOW factor. Striking images will jump out of your portfolio, meaning bookers and agencies are more likely to book your services.

What type of images should you include in your portfolio ?

Your portfolio images will be a collection of images in the styles you wish to model. If you have a specific industry you intend on breaking into, research the industry and understand the types of images used commercially. High Fashion models will have a portfolio made up of Editorial and Fashion shots.  A lingerie model will have a portfolio of lingerie shoots and so on.

If you are a freelance model then your portfolio will include a variety of images covering the styles you are interested in.

Set Realistic Goals

Setting realistic goals from the outset will prevent you applying for work only to be rejected. High Fashion modelling has extremely strict and some would say ruthless criteria before you will even be accepted onto the books of most agencies. The desired  ‘look’ may change by a few centimeters or a few inches every season but the general rule is a height of between 5ft9″ to 5ft11″, weight of around 108lbs to 130lbs depending on your height and a general. Thats before you get onto the characteristics the fashion industry looks for.