Water Splash Photography – Any takers ??

Miss March – Iga Wyrwal

Every so often you come across images that blow you away. Polish photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz has managed just that with his Splash Superhero callander collection. A series of superhero inspired images using nothing but coloured milk to create the illusion of flowing liquid costumes. Like this amazing example..

Miss July – Tamar Leek jaroslav-wieczorkiewicz-splash-superheroes
Miss July – Tamar Leek

I can’t explain how much i love these images. When i first came across them i just assumed it was nifty photoshop work at play. When i began to research the photographer and the techniques involved, i was pleased to find that I couldn’t have been further from the truth.  While there is a lot of photoshop work involved to create the final image, there was still a lot of milk, sweat and tears went into creating the effect with plenty of real photography and lighting techniques.

The final effect of the liquid costumes contouring around the models body is the result of hundreds of shots combined in photoshop to achieve the final superhero outfit for each model.

If you’re like me then your head is buzzing with inspiration and you probably want to know how the final look was achieved.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a detailed video showing behind the scenes action, detailing the steps involved in creating such an amazing image. Well, there is..

I think you will agree the final images are amazing and it was worth all the hard work. These images inspire me to take amazing photos and not let the limitations of physics stand in the way.

Watch the full behind the scenes video to find out how the liquid effect was created. It was much more lo-fi than you probably think..

You can see the full collection by visiting the website of Jaroslav http://aurumlight.com/

The images remind me of the famous portrait of the abstract artist Salvidor Dali taken by Philippe Halsman (1948)

Dali portrait

This portrait captures the nature of Dali perfectly. The image below shows the setting in the studio and how the shot was achieved, with studio hands waiting for the cue to throw buckets of water and cats through the air.. Yes.. they threw cats through the air.. It is Dali after all.



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